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Recruitment information

​Full-time employee

AIxstal is looking for friends to grow with us.

Members with diverse backgrounds are gathered, mainly those who graduated from Nagoya University!

As of July 1, 2023, we have a total of 50 executives, full-time employees, and student interns.

Those who want to contribute to manufacturing in Japan and manufacturing in the world with process informatics,

Please contact us! !

■Manufacturing AI startup based at Nagoya University■


We are an AI startup that aims to revitalize the manufacturing industry by significantly shortening the product development period using AI and IoT.
    Promoting a new data-driven manufacturing optimization platform with our unique process informatics technology,

Realize a faster and more efficient development process.
Core technologies are not only developed in-house, but are also being developed in national projects with Nagoya University and RIKEN.

In order to spread the technology and know-how accumulated in the process of solving numerous manufacturing issues to more customers,

     In-house SaaS productsWe develop and provide


     ■Business description■

     <Process informatics business>
     An optimization solution for immediately optimizing equipment design and manufacturing conditions

     (Process Informatics SaaS,optimization consulting and contract analysis).

     <AI education business>
     We also provide AI basic courses and practical OJT courses with the goal of enabling engineers in the manufacturing industry to acquire and utilize AI technology.

     ■ Job background ■


     Currently, the need for process optimization is rapidly increasing, especially in the semiconductor industry.

     Multiple products of our company have been launched.

     We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

      (1) Development of basic technology that supports in-house products (CAE and machine learning)

      ②Web application development

      ③Project management

④ Education Business Manager

⑤ Those who can play an active role in the management department staff

​Full-time employee

​Intern student

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