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​About recruitment

AIxtal has approximately 60 members with diverse backgrounds, including executives, full-time employees, and student interns, mainly graduates of Nagoya University. We are looking for people to grow together with us as we aim to further expand our business.

If you want to bring about a revolution in manufacturing, contribute to the restoration of Japan's semiconductor industry, master physics, or deepen your career as a data scientist, please apply and contact us!

Based at Nagoya Universityfor manufacturing industryProcess informatics

We are a PI startup that aims to revitalize the manufacturing industry by significantly shortening product development times using AI, data science, and material knowledge. Our proprietary PI technology powers a new data-driven manufacturing optimization platform to enable faster, more efficient manufacturing processes. We are developing core technologies not only in-house but also jointly with Nagoya University and RIKEN as part of a national project.

In addition, we develop and provide our own SaaS products in order to extend the technology and know-how we have accumulated through the process of solving numerous manufacturing issues to more customers.

​Business details

<Process informatics business>
We provide optimization solutions (process informatics SaaS, advisory services, contract analysis) to immediately implement optimization of equipment design and manufacturing conditions.

<AI education business>
We also provide basic AI courses and practical OJT courses with the goal of helping engineers in the manufacturing industry acquire and utilize AI technology.

<AI advisory business>

We provide advisory services for those who are interested in PI technology, but lack the know-how to formulate issues and collect data to utilize it.

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Please feel free to contact us.

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